About BJJ Success

I’m Marc, the guy behind BJJ Success. I’m a BJJ blue belt who has been training for over four years in Sydney, Australia.

My martial arts journey started in my early teens with karate, followed by Muay Thai in my teenage years. 

After becoming interested in the UFC, I started taking Muay Thai classes again in my mid-20s, and attended Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes as an afterthought. Eventually I enjoyed learning jiu jitsu much more than kickboxing, so I chose to focus completely on BJJ.

I enjoy BJJ because it’s testable, blends mental and physical training together, and is less rigid than traditional martial arts. 

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of my passions alongside health and fitness, business and self-development, but it’s not my profession or the only thing I do in my life – like the vast majority of those who learn jiu jitsu.

BJJ Success is aimed at those of us who learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for a whole range of reasons including fitness, a new challenge, increased confidence and competition in conjunction with regular jobs and other hobbies. It’s for those looking for the 20% of actions in jiu jitsu that will result in 80% of success.

It’s a resource that’s designed to answer the questions most of us have during our regular training and competition journeys, and where possible will use data to form answers.

  • Favourite guard? A toss-up between z-guard and single leg x-guard.
  • Favourite gi? The Tatami Estilo 6.0.
  • Next BJJ goal? To win a tournament at the blue belt level (I suck at competitions).