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Australian BJJ Gi Brands You Should Know About

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Australia is home to a thriving BJJ scene. In addition to renowned coaches and elite athletes like Lachlan Giles, Craig Jones, Levi Jones-Leary and Kit Dale, there are also a number of great Australian brands selling BJJ gis.

Read on to find out a little more about each brand and what they offer. And if you’re looking for some specific gi suggestions you can also read our guide to the best BJJ gis.


Braus Fight was established in 2013 by two entrepreneurs with a love for BJJ. Today Braus sells a wide variety of high quality gis, no gi gear and lifestyle clothing in Australia and worldwide. 

The infinity symbol which serves as Braus’ logo embodies the “limitless journey of life, people, connection, learning and BJJ”. Braus also runs the ROLLING FOR A REASON initiative, which helps teach BJJ to underprivileged or disabled children.

Braus sells a variety of different gis for men, women and children, with new designs being released regularly. One of its more popular gis is the Pro Light, which is a competition gi with a jacket made from 100% 350 GSM pearl weave cotton, and pants made from cotton and polyester. 

Braus also has free shipping on orders over $100 AUD throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Raven Fightwear

Raven Fightwear has been selling fight gear since 2013, focusing on service, quality, affordability and customer satisfaction. 

Raven sells a full range of gis and no gi gear, with many of its products featuring artistic designs of animals, mythical beasts, gods and historical and fictional figures.

It sells both kids and adults gis, with its base level adults Pearl Weave Gi selling for only $149.95 AUD at the time of writing. It’s a lightweight gi, with a jacket made from 450 GSM pearl weave and ripstop pants. 

Raven’s gis are also customisable, allowing you to select different size jackets and pants if you require, and also to select the length of your gi to suit shorter or taller individuals.

Its premium gis sell for approximately $189.95 and feature different colours and sublimated prints on the inside of the jacket. Some of the artworks incorporate mythical or fictional characters like Thor and Cthulhu, or real and fictional animals like werewolves and bears.

Raven Fightwear also offers free Australia-wide shipping on all orders.

Sub Apparel

Sub Apparel is an Aussie BJJ gear brand founded in 2010. 

It sells a number of well priced gis including the Minimo, which is a minimalist gi with a 450 GSM pearl weave jacket for $119.95, and the Subatomic gi, a lightweight premium competition gi with a 350 GSM jacket which costs $149.95. 

Sub Apparel also sells ranked rashguards in addition to a number of stylish jiu jitsu themed t-shirts.


Hooks is an Australian-owned and designed gi brand which sells gis, no gi gear and accessories including BJJ belts and caps, hoodies and t-shirts.

It has a simple BJJ gi lineup consisting of three gis: 

  • Basico. A basic hybrid-weave gi aimed at beginners.
  • Pro-Light. A light IBJJF legal gi weighing under 1kg (2.2 lbs) in F2 size or 1.4kg (3lbs) in A2 size. 
  • Supreme. A tough and premium gi with a 550 GSM pearl weave jacket and 12oz canvas pants.

In addition to gis, Hooks also sells short and long-sleeved rashguards in the various belt level colours, plus grappling shorts.


Atlas is a jiu jitsu gear and lifestyle brand. It sells a range of premium limited edition gis which are regularly released under the Pro Standard name. The most recent at the time of writing, the Pro Standard MK XV, has a 375 GSM pearl weave jacket and ripstop pants.

Atlas’ non-limited edition gis are also worth considering. Its Industry Standard gi is a strong durable gi, so it’s great for training on warm days. It’s also IBJJF legal and comes with a gi bag. 

If you’re after no gi rash guards, shorts or compression gear, Atlas also has a range of high quality, well-designed products.

At the time of writing Atlas also offers free shipping within Australia for orders over $150 AUD.


MA1 was launched in Melbourne in 2008 and is a fight gear and fitness equipment brand with a proven record. It sells a large range of gear and equipment, including not only BJJ gis and no gi gear but also weightlifting and cardio equipment, mats and much more.

MA1 sells gis for adults and kids. It has flexible sizing, with long and husky sizes to match a wide variety of body types. Its gi lineup consists of two adult gis at the time of writing:

  • Premium Competition Kimono. This is a light but tough gi designed for competition use. It features a 420 GSM cotton jacket and ripstop pants.
  • Ultra Light Kimono. As the name suggests, this gi is ultra light due to its full ripstop construction, making it perfect for travel.

Another benefit of ordering from MA1 if you live in Australia is that some of its gis have free shipping across the country.

Budo Fight Gear 

Budo Fight Gear is another fight gear and BJJ gi brand based in Melbourne. It sells gis in addition to no gi gear, strength training equipment and functional fitness equipment. 

At the time of writing it offers three gis:

  • Defender Gi. A limited edition gi made from pearl weave. It’s also preshrunk and is IBJJF legal.
  • Ichiban Gi. A pearl weave gi with triple stitched reinforcements and a quick drying lapel.
  • Ripstop Pro Lite 2.0 Female. A lightweight ripstop gi which is preshrunk and perfect for travelling. 

Humble Fightwear

Humble Fightwear is an Australian BJJ brand based in Perth. It sells a good range of no gi gear as well as two lightweight gis, the Unite and the Unite Gold Edition. 

Both gis are preshrunk and made from pearl weave 350 GSM material. They also come with a gi bag. Each gi features understated and attractive styling, with the Gold Edition featuring gold embroidery and accents as the name suggests. Another great feature of these gis are the prices, with the Unite being only $115 at the time of writing.

If you run a BJJ school, Humble can also help design, manufacture and deliver custom club gis.

As mentioned above, Humble also stocks a range of no gi gear including shorts, spats and rashguards, and it also sells a range of BJJ-themed casual wear.

Endless Combat

Endless Combat is a Sydney-based brand founded in 2017 that sells a range of jiu jitsu gi and no gi clothing. 

Its Kimono range of gis come in a range of colours. The most recent model at the time of writing, the Kimono MK.IV, comes in an elegant navy colour and with embroidered sleeve logos and woven patches. There are also both fitted and long sizes so that athletes can find the most comfortable fit for them.

In addition to its gis, Endless Combat also sells no gi rashguards and combat shorts, as well as boxing gloves, shin pads, focus mitts and streetwear. It also offers free Australia-wide shipping on orders over $69.

Other brands

The following brands were not included in the above list because they weren’t available to the public, but we felt they still deserved a mention.

  • Morgan Sports. Morgan Sports is a business-to-business wholesaler for sports equipment. It sells a large range of sports and martial arts uniforms and equipment, including BJJ gis
  • Warrior Australia. Warrior Australia is another wholesale martial arts brand which sells equipment and uniforms to stockists around the country. It has a number of BJJ gis in various colours and fabric weaves and densities.

Did we miss any brands? Let us know below!

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