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Best BJJ gis in 2023 for beginners, competitors and premium gis

While picking the right gi for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is important, it won’t magically make you better at jiu jitsu. What a good gi should do is fit well, be comfortable, last for a good length of time and help you enjoy your time on the mats.

There’s no one ‘best’ BJJ gi out there for everyone. The best gi for you might be different to the best gi for someone else so we’ve included some basics about the different types of BJJ gis, plus some tips for various types of practitioners based on a simple methodology we’ve outlined below.

Best beginners gi

Elite Sports Core Gi

The Elite Sports Core is a cheap lightweight gi which is IBJJF legal, has an anti-odor fabric treatment and comes with a free white belt.

It’s also pre-shrunk and is available in a variety of colors.

Best premium gi

Hayabusa Goorudo 3 Gold Weave Jiu Jitsu Gi

The Hayabusa Goorudo 3 Gold Weave is a tough and durable premium gi, designed to last through training and competition.

It’s reinforced on the lapel, sleeves and knees, and comes in white, black, blue and grey.

Best competition gi

Hayabusa Lightweight Jiu Jitsu Gi

The Hayabusa Lightweight Jiu Jitsu Gi is a minimalist gi which is designed to weigh as little as possible while still being tough enough to survive competitions.

It only weighs 3lbs / 1.36kg in an A2 size and is IBJJF legal. It comes in a large variety of IBJJF legal color combinations.

Fan favorite gi

93 Brand Standard Issue 2.0

93 Brand is well known for making durable great value gis. The Standard Issue 2.0 has a pearl weave jacket and comes in a range of sizes.

93 Brand is a highly respected brand and offers a 60-day “unbreakable return policy” so you can return this gi if you’re not happy with it, even if you’ve used it.

Why you can trust this list

This list of BJJ gis and the information below is the result of over 20 hours of research and analysis. We categorised and researched gis from over 120 brands and aggregated user reviews on large online gi retailers and department stores like Fighter’s Market and Amazon. We also took into account feedback on platforms like Reddit. Finally we employed tools like Fakespot to weed out products with false reviews.

Read more about our methodology further down in the article.

Best beginner gis

If you’re just starting out in BJJ or are looking for a cheap gi, you’ll want a well fitting, affordable and durable gi without any extra frills. Consider choosing an International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) compliant color like white, black or royal blue to allow you to compete in the numerous annual IBJJF events. A gi with an included white belt can also save you some money if you’re starting out. 

Avoid premium gis with artworks, or expensive fabrics like hemp or bamboo, and also avoid lightweight competition gis. These gis are great for competing but not as durable when used as a regular training gi. 

A number of trusted brands have very popular all-rounder gis aimed at beginners. Our top picks are:

Elite Sports Core Gi

The Elite Sports Core Gi is a lightweight budget gi which comes in a variety of colors.

The jacket is made from a 400 GSM pearl weave fabric and the pants are made from a 400 GSM cotton and polyester blend, so it’s a good balance of weight and durability. The fabric also has an anti-odor treatment to help prevent bad odors from building up over time.

Best of all, the fabric is pre-shrunk, so Elite Sports claims you can machine wash and dry this gi.

This gi also comes with a free white belt for beginners new to jiu jitsu.

Customer reviews of this gi mention its superior sizing, breathability and good value as being the major positives.

FUJI All Around

The FUJI Sports’ All Around is a time-tested favourite gi for beginners or those on a budget. It’s slightly more expensive than the Saisho, FUJI’s dedicated beginner gi, and doesn’t include a free white belt, but it’s a tough, good value gi. It’s made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester, with a heavier 550gsm jacket. It’s not only a fan-favourite gi, it’s also been worn by elite athletes and legends like Royler Gracie.

User reviews for the All Around gi commonly mention the good fit, comfort and durability.

Sanabul Essentials V.2

The Sanabul Essentials V.2 is very popular on Amazon and was seriously cheap at under $70 USD at the time of writing. It comes in a range of colors, is lightweight and comes preshrunk. It wasn’t included at the top of our list because it’s not IBJJF approved, which gives it less value if you’re looking to compete in the many IBJJF-run competitions each year. Sanabul does have another gi which is IBJJF legal called the Highlights Pro, but this is more expensive than the Essentials V.2.

Best premium heavy duty gis

Most brands will offer a more expensive flagship gi in addition to their budget and beginner gis. Premium gis generally use better fabrics or weaves, have more embroidery and patches, and might include artworks or other unique style flourishes. We’ve written a full list of features to look for in a premium gi further below

Our top premium gi picks are:

Hayabusa Goorudo 3 Gold Weave Jiu Jitsu Gi

Hayabusa’s Goorudo 3 Gold Weave is a heavier-style gi designed to last through tough training sessions. The 100% cotton gold weave jacket and twill pants have reinforcements on the lapels, sleeves and knees for extra durability. 

The Goorudo 3 is also adorned with a variety of patches and embroidery on both the jacket and pants. It comes in the three IBJJF legal colors of blue, white and black, and also comes in grey.

Hayabusa is a North American fightwear and equipment brand with a number of popular gis and a reputation for quality products. We’ve included another Hayabusa gi on this list, the Hayabusa Lightweight Jiu Jitsu Competition gi.

Positive user reviews of the Goorudo 3 often mention the comfort, strength and attractive design of this gi.

Origin Discipline Gi “DNA”

Origin is an American gi brand known for its well made and innovative BJJ gis. Origin has consistently innovated in the fabrics, weaves and features it has in its gis like its DragonWeave fabric and SwivelLoc belt. 

The Discipline DNA is not Origin’s current flagship gi – that honor goes to its more expensive RIFT gi – but it is still a high quality gi made in America from Origin’s take on pearl weave called American Smart Pearl Gen 3. 

Famous speaker, podcaster and author Jocko Willink is an Origin partner, and the Discipline DNA gi features some of his quotes embroidered on the jacket.

The Discipline DNA gi also has numerous sizing options, with customers being able to independently select a jacket size, waist size and inseam length to match your body type precisely. The Discipline gi also allows you to select a SwivelLoc belt, which while not IBJJF compliant can be useful for training. 

User reviews of the Discipline gi often mention the comfort, good fit and freedom to move in this gi.

Best competition and lightweight gis

Many gi brands offer one or more types of lightweight gis to help practitioners successfully make their weight class when competing. These gis are often made from lighter fabrics, and have colors and patches which are IBJJF-legal. As a general rule of thumb, lightweight gis tend to not last as long as heavier gis, so it’s generally advised to avoid wearing them during regular training sessions.

Our top three competition and lightweight gi picks are:

Hayabusa Lightweight Jiu Jitsu Gi

The Hayabusa Lightweight Jiu Jitsu gi is a 100% cotton gi jacket with ripstop pants designed to be tough but light enough for competitions. It weighs only 3lbs / 1.36kg in an A2 size, so it won’t add unnecessary weight when you weigh in for your next competition.

It’s also a stylish gi with some great looking but minimalist patches and embroidery. It comes in IBJJF legal colors and other more “exotic” non-legal colors like grey, khaki green, navy and more. 

User reviews frequently praise the durability, comfort and high quality construction of this gi.

Gold BJJ Aeroweave Ultralight

Gold BJJ is a more recent addition to the jiu jitsu equipment scene, but sells a variety of quality gis and no gi clothing. 

Its Aeroweave Ultralight gi is a simple and light gi with a 275 GSM jacket and 10oz ripstop pants. It features some tasteful logos on the shoulders and pants, and the Gold “For The Journey” tagline on the inner lapel. Gold has also added reinforcements to this gi in the form of an EVA collar and ripstop collars to help it last longer. The color options offer some variety, with grey and navy blue on offer in addition to the usual white and black options.

Customers who bought this gi often mention in their reviews how durable and comfortable this gi is despite its light weight.

Hyperfly Hyperlyte 3.0

Hyperfly is well known for its quality lightweight gis, and one of the best examples of this is its popular Hyperlyte range of gis.

The Hyperlyte 3.0 is the latest version in the range and comes with a 350 GSM jacket and 8 oz twill pants. 

The gi is built to be durable but light enough to help you fit into your competition weight bracket. The 3.0 version also features a flat drawstring to tie your pants rather than a rope, and new logos stitched onto the pants and the back of the jacket.

Fan favorites

93 Brand Standard Issue 2.0

93 Brand is a highly recommended gi and no gi brand in the BJJ community. In addition to making quality gis, rashguards and other compression gear, its gear is fairly priced. 

93 Brand also has an “Unbreakable” 60-day returns policy where you can return your gi for a full refund for basically any reason, including changing your mind over the color!

Its Standard Issue 2.0 is a minimalist everyday gi and features a light 375 GSM jacket and 9 oz twill pants. It also has reinforcements on the knee and skirt to ensure this gi lasts, and the fabrics are tightly woven to resist shrinkage. 

It also comes in a large number of sizes including long cuts, husky cuts and fitted cuts to help you find the perfect size.

Inverted Gear Panda Armor

Inverted Gear is another popular BJJ brand within the community which sells a variety of gis, no gi gear and workout equipment.

Its gi range includes a variety of different styles including the unique Old School Gi which has a diamond skirt on the jacket.

Its Panda Armor gi comes with a heavy 950 GSM pearl weave jacket and 14oz ripstop pants, with a reinforced pearl weave crotch. This heavy duty gi features embroidered logos on the shoulders and a mouthguard pocket.

To compete in an IBJJF competition your gi must meet the specifications below. The following rules are taken from the official IBJJF uniform rules. Your gi:

  • Must be made from cotton or cotton-like material only
  • Must be made from a woven fabric for juvenile and above age categories
  • Can’t be too thick to impede an opponent from gripping
  • Must be white, royal blue or black color only
  • Must be the same colour e.g jacket and pants must be the same colour, collar must be the same colour as the jacket.
  • Must not have tears, be wet or dirty, or have unpleasant odors

How we picked these gis: our methodology explained

  • We compared gis from over 120 gi brands and split the gis into categories for beginner gis, premium gis and competition gis.
  • We then read and analysed customer reviews on Amazon, popular online gi stores, Reddit and the brands’ own websites to arrive at our final picks. 
  • We evaluated the advantages and disadvantages for each gi based on user reviews. Information was collected in Feb 2023. Fakespot was used to exclude products on Amazon with large numbers of fake reviews.

Table of contents

How do I choose a gi? How to pick the right gi type

Most BJJ gis available today roughly fall into three categories:

1. Budget and beginner gis

Budget gis are generally no frills but are perfect for beginners. A budget gi is usually made from durable but basic fabrics and weaves, and will have no or minimal embroidery and patches. Some budget gis aimed at beginners will come with a free white belt too.

How much does a budget/beginner gi cost?

The cost of a budget or beginner Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi will depend on the type of gi and the brand. Check out the tables below to see a rough estimate of how much prices generally range between.

Budget/beginner gis cost 

LocationPrice range
USA$60 – $100 USD
UK£50 – £85
Europe€55 – €95
Australia$125 – $150 AUD

2. Premium gis

Premium gis generally use higher quality materials, have more patches and embroidered logos, and have more material reinforcements than budget gis. Premium gis may also come with a gi bag which is handy once training is finished.

Some premium gis may also use more “exotic” materials like hemp as used in some Datsusara, Senso and Flow gis.

From time to time some gi manufacturers also create limited edition gis inspired by famous fighters, animals or mythological beasts. These are generally aimed at the premium side of the gi market and include extra artworks, patches and/or embroidery and have a higher price tag to match. 

One example of this is the Iron Maiden Trooper Gi from Tatami which has an artwork on the inside jacket, Iron Maiden patches and embroidery on the gi, for a premium price tag of $180 USD/$300 AUD/£120.

When looking for a good premium gi, it should generally:

  • Be made from a quality fabric. As mentioned above, cotton is the most popular gi fabric. Some budget gis will use a blend of cotton and other fabrics, whereas premium gis are generally 100% cotton. Some premium gis are now also being made in hemp which has a number of benefits listed below. 
  • Be made from a high quality weave. When buying an expensive gi ensure the jacket is made from pearl weave or gold weave. Avoid gis where the weave isn’t mentioned as this could indicate a cheaper less durable weave, and avoid double weave as this will be unnecessarily heavy.
  • Be durable. A good premium gi will generally have more fabric and stitching reinforcements throughout the gi compared to a budget gi. Check user reviews to ensure this gi will last during regular training and/or competition.
  • Be preshrunk. This means the gi fabric has been shrunk by the manufacturer before it’s made into a gi, minimising – but not removing – any shrinking that will happen once you start regularly washing it.
  • Fit well and offer a range of sizes. Any good gi regardless of price should fit well, but premium gis might have more size options such as “long” or “husky/heavy” sizes compared to budget gis. We’ve compiled a list of gi brands and their size charts, including which brands offer modified sizes like “long” or “heavy”.
  • Come with a gi bag. Most premium gis come with a gi bag which is handy for travelling to and from training.
  • Be innovative. A gi brand’s flagship premium gi is generally where they’ll release their cutting edge improvements. For example Origin’s RIFT gi features its SwivelLoc belt as an option instead of a drawstring.

How much does a premium gi cost?

As with any other gi, a premium gi will vary in price depending on the brand, fabric, and any other extras included. Generally speaking the price range is below:

Premium gi price range

LocationPrice range
USA$125 – $160 USD
UK£100 – £120 
Europe€110 – €135
Australia$200 – $250 AUD

3. Competition / lightweight gis

These gis are light enough to help athletes make weight for a competition or take on the road travelling. 

Because a competition or travel gi is made from lighter materials, it will usually not last as long as a heavier gi. Some manufacturers will even recommend using lighter gis only for light to medium intensity training.

Competition gis generally have a premium price tag, and are often offered in colours, materials and styles that are approved by the IBJJF so they will be allowed for competition.

Travel gis on the other hand can sometimes be made completely from very lightweight materials like ripstop. This makes them tough and light but also sometimes ineligible for IBJJF competitions.

How much does a competition / lightweight gi cost?

Competition gis vary in price depending on a range of factors including the brand, the fabric and other extras. You can usually expect to pay the following:

Competition gi price range

LocationPrice range
USA$100 – $150 USD
UK £70 – £110
Europe€80 – €120
Australia$150 – $225 AUD

What’s the best gi fabric and weave?

When comparing gis you’ll see a fabric material, weave and grams per square meter (gsm) listed for the jacket. The pants will often have a material and weight listed in ounces. 

There’s no one best combination of material, weave and weight for a BJJ gi. Generally though, most popular gis currently on the market tend to be made from cotton, have a pearl weave jacket and ripstop pants, and have a jacket weight between 350 – 550gsm. Here’s what each of these mean:

  • Fabric. Most BJJ gis are made from cotton or a cotton blend, although some premium gis are made using hemp or even bamboo. There’s more on common gi fabrics below.
  • Weave. The weave refers to how the fabric yarns are interlaced together, with the most popular gi jacket weave being pearl weave. There are other weaves too – more on that below. Weaves for BJJ gis are generally selected based on the balance of strength and weight so that your gi won’t rip but won’t weigh a tonne either.
  • Weight (gsm and/or oz). When comparing gi options, you’ll generally see a “gsm” or “grams per square meter” number listed for the jacket, and sometimes an ounce weight listed for the pants. An example of this is a gi with a “550 gsm pearl weave cotton” jacket and “10oz cotton twill pants”. This refers to the weight and density of the jacket or pants, with competition jackets usually having a gsm between 350 – 450, and regular training gi jackets being anywhere from 450 – 600gsm. To give an idea of comparison, denim is generally about 400gsm.

Common fabrics used in BJJ gis


Cotton is the most popular fabric used to make BJJ gis, and is available in many different weaves, colours and styles. 

Cotton is easily available, comfortable, breathable, and durable which make it perfect to be used in a BJJ gi. Cotton fibres are also slightly stronger wet than they are dry, which is also an advantage for the average sweaty BJJ gym. 


Many BJJ gi manufacturers use ripstop for gi pants. Ripstop is a strong fabric characterized by its square pattern. It’s usually made using nylon, and the square pattern is made from the thick reinforcing yarns which give it its strength. Ripstop is often used in outdoor clothing where strength and weight is important. 


Canvas is a fabric usually made from cotton or linen and PVC. It’s very durable, and more often used for gi pants rather than jackets.


Hemp is a natural fibre from the cannabis sativa plant. It was traditionally used for sails and sailing ropes due to its strength and durability, which is why it’s also used by some gi manufacturers. Datsusara, Senso and Flow Kimonos are three gi manufacturers which offer hemp gis. Some manufacturers will blend hemp with cotton, and others will produce their gis completely from hemp.

Hemp has a number of additional benefits which are useful for a BJJ gi. Hemp is fast drying, very breathable, and improves over time with washing, which is useful if you’re washing your gi often.


Bamboo is a natural fibre used in a small number of gis. The main unique benefits of using bamboo in a BJJ gi is the extra softness and the claimed antibacterial properties of bamboo. Some gi manufacturers even claim you don’t need to wear a rashguard underneath your gi due to the extra softness. 

One example is the Inverted Gear Bamboo Gi which is made from 70% bamboo and 30% cotton, and the Dynamo V2 from Senso.

The best gi fabric weaves

Weaving refers to how the yarns in a fabric are interlaced together. Different weaves have different looks, strengths and weaknesses. A weave is made up of yarns that interlace at right angles to each other. The vertical yarns are called warp yarns, and the horizontal yarns are called weft yarns. 

Pearl weave is by far one of the most popular weaves for gi jackets due to its combination of weight, durability and strength. When you look at pearl weave fabric close up it looks like thousands of tiny raised circles or “pearls” arranged in lines. This pearl-like appearance is caused by the arrangement of the yarns. 

Pearl weave cotton on a Tatami Estilo 6.0 gi jacket

Pearl weave jackets can come in a variety of weights depending on if the gi is a lightweight competition gi or a heavier training gi.

Popular pearl weave gis include the Tatami Estilo, which has a 550 gsm pearl weave jacket, and the Kingz Balistico 3.0, which has a 480 gsm pearl weave jacket.

In addition to pearl weave, there are a number of other weaves you’ll generally see when comparing gis. Some gi companies also innovate with their fabrics to achieve different effects like enhanced cooling and will brand their weaves. Examples of both are below.

Other gi fabric weaves

  • Honeycomb. Like the name suggests this weave has the hexagonal appearance of a honeycomb. It’s rare, but is used in some lighter competition gis like the Vulkan Ultra Light.
  • IceWeave. War Tribe uses IceWeave in some of its gis, which is claimed to keep BJJ practitioners cooler when rolling. It’s made from 65% cotton and 35% polyester..
  • DragonWeave and American Pearl. Origin uses these two proprietary weaves in its various gis. Its flagship Raptor Axiom gi is made from DragonWeave, which is claimed to allow moisture to pass between the weave without getting absorbed into the yarn itself.
  • Gold weave. Gold weave was once a very popular fabric weave for gis, and is still available in some premium gis like the Hayabusa Goorudo 3 Gold Weave. It’s a soft, loose and durable material with a square ladder-like appearance. Gold weave has largely been superseded by pearl weave.
  • Single weave. Single weave technically encompasses other fabric weaves such as pearl weave, but when used to advertise a BJJ gi, it can refer to a basic and affordable weave. Single weave gi fabric is light and cheap, usually used for cheaper gis and children’s gis.
  • Double weave. As the name suggests, this weave is basically double the threads as a single weave gi. This makes it extra durable, but much heavier than other fabric weaves. Few gi brands make BJJ gis in double weave. One such brand is Ronin Brand, although these gis are generally more expensive than single weave gis. Double weave is used for many judo gis.

Gi pants weaves and fabrics

As mentioned above gi pants are generally made from ripstop or cotton. When comparing BJJ gis you’ll sometimes notice some pants list the type of fabric weave too such as:

  • Cotton twill/ Cotton drill. Twill has a diagonal pattern and a “ridged” texture. It’s the same weave used in denim due to its durability. Drill is a sub-type of twill.
  • Cotton duck. Duck is a smooth canvas-type fabric, with horizontal and vertical weaves. It’s durable and is therefore often used in workwear.

What’s the best color gi to buy?

If you’re a beginner buying your first gi, or you want to regularly compete, keep it simple and select an IBJJF-legal color such as white, black or royal blue. This gives you the ability to compete in the numerous IBJJF competitions each year.

For everyone else, you can generally buy any color you like as long as your gym allows it.

The other factor to consider when deciding what color gi to buy is the possibility of fading. Most modern gis will generally not fade noticeably, but over several years the color will not look the same as it did when you first bought it. White gis don’t suffer from this problem as much, but a white gi will show stains more noticeably.

Properly wash and dry your gi to avoid unnecessary fading or staining. We’ve written a full guide about gi care, but the simple instructions are:

  1. Machine wash your gi inside out in cold water, using a gentle wash setting
  2. After the wash is finished, immediately hang your gi to dry, keeping it away from direct sunlight. Avoiding sunlight is one of the best ways to stop unnecessary fading.

Always check the care instructions for your gi before washing it, as each manufacturer will know how to care for their product best.

How many gis should I own?

It’s generally recommended to have at least two gis, and more if you regularly compete or train in the gi more than twice per week.

The exact answer depends on how often you train in the gi each week, what days your gi classes are on, and how often you want to compete. 

The general rule of thumb is that you should have a clean and dry gi for every training session. If your training days are consecutive e.g you train in the gi on both Monday and Tuesday nights, you should consider getting a second gi. This helps you avoid situations where your gi might not be dry enough for the second training session. 

If you train in the gi with a full day between each session e.g on Monday and Wednesday nights, you’ll generally be fine with one gi, as the time between each session will mean your gi will fully dry. If you can stretch your budget, it still makes sense to have a second gi as a backup in case you have a week of rain.

If you want to regularly compete, it’s strongly advised you have an extra competition gi regardless of how often you train. This gives you a backup gi which you can bring to the competition in the unlikely event the officials don’t like one of your gis and request you to change. 

Having a gi solely for competition also has another benefit if you choose a lightweight competition gi. A lighter gi means you’ll more comfortably fit into your weight class. Lightweight gis generally won’t last as long as heavier gis, so if you go down this route be sure to preserve the lightweight competition gi and use the heavier gi as much as you can for regular training.

What are the best BJJ gi brands?

The last time we counted, there were over 150 different gi brands operating around the world. Many brands use the same materials and fabric weaves to make their gis, and quality is generally similar between major brands. This means that the best gi brand is largely a matter of preference and comfort. 

Some of the more popular gi brands around the world include:


Tatami was founded in 2009 in South Wales to make high quality gis at affordable prices. Today Tatami sends its gis around the world, and has a full range of BJJ gis for men, women and children at budget, mid-tier and premium prices. It also makes no gi gear, leisurewear, accessories and judo gis.

Tatami is well known for its premium Estilo gi, which is a cotton pearl weave gi available in a range of size and colour combinations.

FUJI Sports

FUJI Sports was originally founded in 1969 by Frank Hatashita, an 8th dan judo practitioner and teacher, and the vice president of the International Judo Federation. Frank was instrumental in getting judo recognized and included in the Olympics.

FUJI Sports today sells the full range of BJJ gis, no gi gear, accessories and gym mats. Some of its most popular gis include the Suparaito, which is a light competition gi, and the Sekai 2.0, which is a slightly heavier gi favoured by champions like Xande Ribeiro.

93 Brand

93 Brand is a New York gi brand which aims to sell good quality and great looking gis at affordable prices. 93 Brand sells a full range of gis in addition to no gi gear and streetwear. 

It sells a number of different gis including budget, premium and lightweight gis, in a range of colors. 

93 Brand also has an “unbreakable” returns policy, which allows you to return your gi up to 60 days after you bought it, even if you’ve trained in it and washed it.


Shoyoroll was founded by Vince Quitugua in Los Angeles and started out as a t-shirt company. It’s now known as an exclusive brand with many great looking kimonos which are known for selling out quickly.


Hyperfly was officially founded in 2011, after starting out as a family-run business making gis for the Ribeiro University of Jiu Jitsu in San Diego. Now it ships its gis around the world, and sells no gi gear and training accessories like training bags.

One of its most popular gis is the Hyperlyte 2.0, a lightweight competition gi with a classic style. Hyperfly also creates innovative gis like the recently launched StarLyte. This is a super light gi made from a ripstop-like material which is not legal for IBJJF competitions, but is excellent for travelling or training in warmer climates.


Venum is a French fightwear company with Brazilian and Thai roots. It started out as an ecommerce store called Dragon Bleu in 2004 selling martial arts supplies, and quickly grew into the powerhouse that it is today. Venum is now one of Thailand’s largest martial arts equipment manufacturers and exporters, with over a decade of experience making BJJ gis.

Venum today sells a full range of BJJ gis for training and competition. One of its popular gis is the Contender Evo, a light weight gi available in a range of colors with great value for money.


Origin is an apparel and sports goods company founded by the co-creator of, Pete Roberts. Retired Navy SEAL and BJJ black belt Jocko Willink is also a partner of Origin.

Origin gis are made in the USA, and feature many innovations in both fabric and technologies like the SwivelLoc belt system which is an optional replacement to the usual drawstring most gis have.

Its current flagship gi is the RIFT. The RIFT is an ultra-premium, complete ground-up reimagining of the traditional BJJ gi. It features innovations in the yarn, fabric weave and more.


Hayabusa is a Canadian and US-based martial arts supply company founded in 2006. It’s known for its high quality boxing and kickboxing gloves, and its Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gis and no gi gear. 

Its popular gis include the Lightweight, which is an all-round gi with a 420GSM pearl weave jacket, and the Goorudo 3, a heavier gi designed to stand the punishment of long training sessions.


Kingz Kimonos is based in San Diego, California, and was founded in 2011. It sells a complete range of BJJ gis and BJJ accessories.

Popular Kingz gis include the Classic 3.0, which is an all-rounder, and the Balistico 3.0, which is a premium gi with innovations to the sleeve to make it harder for opponents’ to grip.


Scramble sells a range of premium BJJ gis and gear including no gi clothing and casual wear. Its BJJ gis are popular and some are even customisable with different patch kits.

Scramble’s more popular gis include the Athlete v4, which has a pearl weave jacket and ripstop pants, is available in various weights and ranges in price from budget to premium.


Koral was founded by BJJ black belt Victor Costa and his brother in 1997, and has since grown to be a popular gi brand around the world.

One of its most popular gis is the MKM, a popular competition gi which is 100% preshrunk and 100% cotton. 


Atama has been making BJJ gis since 1989, and sells a range of different BJJ gis. One of its most popular is the Mundial which is a 100% cotton gi. 

Flow Kimonos

Flow Kimonos was started in Boston in 2012, and creates minimalist gis in both hemp and cotton.

Its Hemp Series gi is fully made from hemp, and has a 550 gsm jacket and 375 gsm pants. Flow Kimonos also has a range of cotton gis including the heavier Pro Series, and the lighter Alpine and Air gis.

Dragão Kimonos

Dragão Kimonos is one of the oldest BJJ gi manufacturers in the world, having been founded in 1974. Dragão Kimonos has manufactured gis for Everlast and MIZUNO, and was reportedly the first manufacturer to offer a blue gi. 

Gold BJJ

Gold BJJ is another popular gi brand which sells two gi types. The Aeroweave is a lightweight gi with a jacket that’s only 275 gsm with 10oz ripstop pants. The Calavera is made from a tough 450 gsm gold weave with 10 oz ripstop pants and is designed for everyday training. 

Gold BJJ also sells a range of other innovative no gi clothing and BJJ gear including soaps and supplements.

What are the best gi brands/types for lanky builds?

There are some specialised brands designed for lanky BJJ practitioners, such as the apt named Lanky Fight Gear hosted on the Roll Among Us store. This brand designs kimonos which are less baggy and longer, for those who are thinner and taller than the average.

In general, lanky BJJ practitioners can also look for brands which sell a “long” version of their gis, usually denoted by the letter L at the end of the size e.g A2L, A3L etc. Some gi brands like Inverted Gear have a “Slim” size option, and others like CTRL Industries have a “Tall” option and use the letter “T” next to sizes to denote a taller gi size e.g A2T.

Other premium gi manufacturers like Origin will let you select an independent pants waist size and inseam length so you can fully customise your pants to fit longer legs.

At the time of writing a number of gi brands made long/customisable versions of their gis:

  • FUJI Sports
  • Inverted Gear
  • Flow Kimonos
  • Origin
  • Kingz
  • Hyperfly
  • Scramble
  • War Tribe
  • Atama
  • Braus
  • Tatami
  • CTRL Industries
  • Moya Brand Co.
  • VHTS

What are the best gi brands for muscular or larger/heavier builds?

Many brands now make BJJ gi sizes specifically for those with heavier builds. While they’re not as common as long sizes for taller BJJ practitioners, they’re becoming more common. 

These sizes are generally advertised as “husky” or “heavy” with the letter “H” at the end of the size e.g A3H, A2H. Some brands like CTRL Industries will advertise them as “stocky” sizes and use the letter “X” to denote stocky sizes e.g A2X.

Some gi brands like Origin even allow you to customize your pants waist size and inseam length to suit your leg size and length, and then pick whatever jacket size you like.

Some of the gi brands offering heavy sizes at the time of writing include:

  • 93 Brand
  • War Tribe Gear
  • Gameness
  • Shoyoroll
  • FUJI Sports
  • Inverted Gear
  • Tatami
  • Kingz
  • Gorilla gear
  • VHTS

Where’s the best place to buy gis online?

Almost all BJJ gi brands sell directly through their online stores, but there are also plenty of online gi stores to buy from which may offer perks like free shipping if they’re located in your region. Here are some to check out:


  • BJJ Fight Gear. BJJ Fight Gear is one of the larger online gi stores, selling and sending gis all around the world. It’s headquartered in the Netherlands and offers free shipping to a small number of European countries.


  • Fighters Market. Fighters Market is a large online BJJ shop headquartered in the USA which has been around since 2008. It has a large selection of gis, offers free shipping on some orders to the USA and Canada, and has a rewards program.
  • ROLLMORE. ROLLMORE sells gi and no gi clothing and BJJ accessories, and has an “unbreakable” gi returns policy which covers most gi returns within 60 days even if you’ve washed or worn the gi.
  • Amazon. Amazon hosts a large number of different gi brands including big brands like FUJI and Hayabusa, and also lesser known budget brands like Elite Sports and Sanabul.


  • Minotaur Fight Store. Minotaur Fight Store sells BJJ gis and no gi gear in addition to fighting gear for other disciplines like boxing and Muay Thai. Its gi store has a number of brands to choose from, and it offers free UK shipping, and flat rate shipping internationally.
  • Made4Fighters. Made4Fighters is an online fight store which has been around since 2007. It sells a full range of gis from numerous popular gi brands, and it offers free UK shipping for orders over £80.
  • Grapplestore. Grapplestore has over five years of experience selling gis and other BJJ clothing.


  • MMA Fight Store. MMA Fight Store is both an online store and has physical locations in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. It sells not only BJJ gis but the full range of MMA equipment and accessories. 
  • The Fight Factory. The Fight Factory has a physical store in Melbourne, and also an online store. They sell gis from many popular worldwide brands, as well as gis from Australian brands.

Frequently asked questions about buying a BJJ gi

How tight should a BJJ gi be?

A gi shouldn’t be too tight or too loose for comfort and movement reasons. You should be able to move and stand up freely without your gi being too restrictive. Also note there are IBJJF uniform rules which require a minimum of 7cm space (2.75 inches) for sleeve openings.

What do you wear under a gi?

Many practitioners wear rashguards under their gi jackets. A rashguard can protect your skin from the gi jacket itself as you roll. Note that men are unable to wear anything under their jacket in IBJJF competitions, although this is required for women.

In addition to rashguards, you can also wear compression tights under your gi pants. As above this is not permitted for men during IBJJF competitions, but is permitted for women as long as they’re not longer than the gi pants themselves.

Last but not least, you should always wear undergarments underneath your gi. The IBJJF also has specific rules around this for competition.

Can white belts wear a black or blue gi?

There are no general sports-wide rules prohibiting a white belt from wearing a black or blue gi in BJJ. Some gyms will prefer that new students purchase a white gi first, and others might have other rules around which colors are allowed in training, so check with your instructor or senior students first before spending any money on a new gi.

Next steps

Buying a good gi won’t suddenly transform your jiu jitsu skills, but it should help you rather than hinder you in your journey. Use the steps and recommendations above to find a comfortable gi within your price range, and if you have a specific recommendation, let us know below!

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