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The Best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gear Bags for 2023

Carry all of your BJJ essentials in one high quality bag.

Bringing your gear to and from jiu jitsu can be difficult if you don’t have the right bag. Not only do you need to bring a number of items to help you train and clean yourself effectively, but you also need a bag that will last through the rigours of holding wet gis and being thrown around.

Best duffel bag for BJJ: Under Armour Undeniable Duffle 4.0

The Under Armour Undeniable 4.0 is a functional duffle bag which comes in a variety of sizes and colors, and has a separate compartment which can be used to store dirty gi or no gi clothing.

Read more about the Under Armour Undeniable 4.0 and see the full list of duffel bags

Best backpack for BJJ: Gold BJJ Gatame Training Backpack

A well-designed backpack with a separate wet compartment for gis, a belt pouch and extra compartments for water bottles and valuables.

Read more about the Gold BJJ Gatame Training Backpack and see the full list of backpacks

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Convertible bags

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What’s a BJJ training bag and do I even need one? 

A BJJ training bag is simply a duffle or backpack-style bag designed to hold a gi and other jiu jitsu essentials like finger tape, a mouthguard, a water bottle, antiseptic sprays and your wallet, phone and keys while you train. It differs from a regular gym or training bag because it will usually have a separate compartment for your dirty gi.

For many years I used a travel style duffle bag for training. It was decent but didn’t have a wide opening for storing a wet gi for my drive home, so it was always a pain to pack my bag after training.

Eventually I bought a training bag with a wide zipper opening that allowed me to easily move my gi in and out. It has a separate shoe compartment for when I trained on my lunch break, and additional compartments to store my mouthguard, wallet and phone for easy access. This is why buying a training-focused bag is better than a regular bag aimed at travellers or those commuting to work.

Buying a bag solely for BJJ also has advantages:

  • You don’t have to bring multiple smaller bags into training 
  • You can safely store your wallet, phone and keys in your bag rather than in plain view
  • You can leave all of your gear in your training bag and then just pick it up when it’s time to go to training
  • Training bags generally have multiple pockets so you can store your shoes and mouthguard away from any dirty clothes

What features do the best jiu jitsu bags have?

High quality BJJ or combat sports bags generally have a number of common features including:

  • Tough materials. Many bags will use tough fabrics like cordura, high quality polyester, canvas, laminated fabrics and mesh panels to increase durability and air flow. Training bags need to withstand being filled to the brim with gis, toiletries, water bottles and then jostled around in the gym, on public transport and in the car.
  • Separate gi compartment. The best bags will have a separate “wet” compartment which is perfect for holding your dirty gi or no gi clothing.
  • Water resistant materials. A good BJJ bag will usually have water resistant fabrics or materials in the gi compartment or on the bottom of the bag to stop the funk from your dirty training gear reaching the rest of the bag. These materials are also often easier to clean than normal fabrics.
  • Extra compartments. You’ll want at least two pockets in your bag to carry your other essentials and allow easy access, including your mouthguard, water bottle, finger tapes, wallet and phone. Some bags will even have reinforced hardshell compartments for valuables.
  • Ventilation. A good bag allows for ventilation in the form of mesh or reinforced eyelet holes which can reduce the smell of your bag and help your bag contents dry out.
  • Comfortable. Quality backpacks will have padded straps and handles for easy carrying, while duffle-style bags will have shoulder straps and carry handles for added comfort.

Why you can trust this list

This list of BJJ bags and the information below is the result of over fifteen of research across 25 brands. We researched the market and found different bags which fit our criteria and aggregated user reviews on sites like Amazon and BJJ Fight Gear. We also took into account user opinions on Reddit, and filtered products through Fakespot to exclude products with suspicious reviews.

Read more about our methodology below.

Best duffle bags for BJJ

1. Under Armour Undeniable Duffle 4.0

  • Made from water resistant material
  • Ventilated dirty laundry/shoe compartment
  • Has multiple smaller compartments for important gear
  • Comes in a variety of sizes and colors

The Under Armour Undeniable Duffle 4.0 is a functional duffel bag which comes in five different size options, so you can find one to suit your needs.

It has a large main compartment perfect for holding equipment and a change of clothes, and a separate laundry or shoe compartment which you can use to store dirty gear. 

It’s made using Under Armour’s “UA Storm” fabrics and materials to protect the bag against water, and has both carry handles and a strap to make it easier to carry. It also comes in a number of different colors to suit your tastes.

Customer reviews of this bag mention that it has plenty of room, is durable and looks great.

2. Grip Power Pads PRO Sport Large Embroidered Gym Duffle Bag Wet

  • Separate wet compartment
  • Shoulder and backpack straps
  • Ventilated mesh panel to help wet compartment to dry out
  • Multiple extra compartments

While this bag is designed for bodybuilders and powerlifters, it has many features which make it useful for BJJ practitioners too. Like some of the other bags on this list, it can be carried using the shoulder strap, handles or backpack straps. It also has a ventilated compartment for wet clothing, an easy-to-open u-shaped top compartment, and many pockets throughout to hold your extra training gear.

3. Gold BJJ Randori Duffel Bag

  • Separate 25L wet compartment for dirty gis
  • Reinforced stitching, clips and buckles
  • Belt pouch within main pocket

Gold BJJ’s Randori Bag is much like its popular Gatame backpack, just larger and in a duffel format. It features a large 25L wet compartment for your dirty gi, a larger main compartment, an accessories pouch and a side pouch, so it has plenty of space for a typical night of training. Customer reviews mention this bag is excellent due to its large size, its convenient compartments and pouches and its quality materials.

Best backpacks for BJJ

1. Gold BJJ Gatame Training Backpack

  • Separate wet compartment for storing dirty gis
  • Additional pockets for valuables and water bottle
  • Versatile – can be used for BJJ, gym or even work
  • Separate belt pouch

Gold BJJ sells many well designed products including the Randori Duffel, and gis and no gi gear. The Gatame Training Backpack is a durable backpack designed with BJJ practitioners in mind. It has a large main gear compartment, plus compartments for a water bottle, other valuables and even a pouch for your belt. It also has a separate wet compartment on the bottom of the bag which can be used for storing dirty gear away from the other items in your bag.

2. Tatami Omega Back Pack

  • Expandable wet compartment on the bottom of the bag
  • Quality construction
  • Extra back padding for comfort

The Tatami Omega Back Pack is a large minimalist bag designed for BJJ practitioners. It has an expandable bottom section which is a wet compartment, so it’s perfect for storing dank gis after training. It’s spacious, with customer reviews praising its capacity to hold two gis, comfortable backstraps and extra pockets for holding other important gear.

3. Datsusara Battlepack 45L / 66L

  • Durable hemp-cotton material
  • Hemp is naturally antimicrobial
  • Includes separate “nasty” bag for dirty clothing
  • Multiple separate compartments

Datsusara is known for making high quality tough bags (and gis) using hemp and cotton. Its Battlepack bag comes in sizes ranging from 16L all the way up to 66L. The 45L and 66L sizes are popular with BJJ practitioners because of the ability to fit a gi plus other training equipment with ease. The bags also come with a “nasty” bag, which is a nylon water-resistant drawstring bag which can be used to keep dirty clothing separate while inside your bag.

Best cheap bags for BJJ

1. Ultimate Gym Bag 2.0

  • Separate shoe compartment
  • Small wet compartment 
  • 10 total compartments to fit all your gear
  • Variety of colors

The Ultimate Gym Bag 2.0 comes in two sizes and has two separate compartments to hold dirty gear. 

It has a large mouth opening for the main compartment to help you easily access your gear, and a total of 10 compartments including an internal phone pocket to hold all the different items you need for training.

The bag also has reinforced stitching and comes in a variety of colors.

2. Canway Sports Gym Bag

  • Separate wet pocket and shoe compartment
  • Made from durable 600D polyester
  • Total of nine pockets for storing gear

The Canway Sports Gym Bag is a duffel style bag with 45L capacity and a number of pockets to help fit your gear when going to BJJ.

In addition to the main compartment, it also has eight other separate compartments. One of these is a separate shoe compartment and the other is a smaller wet pocket that can hold a small amount of clothing or items.

The bag is made from waterproof and durable 600D polyester, and the bottom of the bag is made from waterproof leather.

Best convertible bags for BJJ

1. Elite Sports Warrior Series Duffel Training Gear Gym Bag & Backpack

  • Separate mesh-lined wet compartment 
  • Spacious and has a wide top opening
  • Can wear as a backpack or carry as a duffle
  • Individual compartments for shoes, a water bottle and more.

This bag from Elite Sports can be used as either a duffle or backpack, and comes in two sizes. It has a ventilated compartment which can be used to store dirty wet clothes, as well as multiple other pockets for items like a water bottle, valuables and other training gear. It’s made from durable cordura fabric, and is a great budget choice for a BJJ bag.

2. Fuji Comp Convertible Backpack Duffle

  • Small separate ventilated compartment for dirty gear
  • Can be worn as a backpack or duffle bag
  • Made from water repellent material

The FUJI Comp Convertible Backpack Duffle is an adaptable bag which can be worn over your shoulder or using back straps.

Customer reviews mention that this bag can hold multiple gis as well as other gear necessary for training. It has a smaller separate ventilated compartment so you can keep some of your used clothing separate from your other gear.

The Comp Convertible is made from water repellent material and comes in a range of unique colors.

How we picked these bags: our methodology explained

  • We compared bags from 25 brands.
  • We read and analyzed customer reviews on Amazon, popular online BJJ stores, Reddit and the brands’ own websites to create a list of popular bags.
  • We weighed up the advantages and disadvantages for each bag using user reviews. Information was collected in January 2023. Fakespot was used to analyze and exclude products on Amazon with suspicious reviews.

What materials should I look for in a BJJ bag? 

Many of the best BJJ bags are made from the following materials:

  • Cordura. Cordura is a durable tear-resistant nylon fabric used in many bags and even for military uses.
  • Polyester. Polyester is an artificial fibre made from air, water and petroleum. It’s generally tough, water resistant and stain resistant, which makes it great for a BJJ bag which will be holding wet gear. 
  • Nylon. Nylon is a synthetic fibre used in many different household items. It’s known for its toughness, durability and weather resistance.
  • Hemp. Some bag manufacturers like Datsusara make their bags from hemp-cotton blends. Hemp is a fabric made from the fibres of a variety of the cannabis sativa plant. It’s strong, anti-microbial and weather resistant.

How do I clean my BJJ bag?

Follow the care instructions for your specific bag before cleaning it. Some bags will allow machine washing, which you can do by turning the bag inside out and using the correct wash setting. Be sure to zip up all compartments, and consider using a laundry bag if you’re washing your bag with other items. Other bags will require hand washing, some using only cold water.

If you only want to clean the wet compartment of your bag, you can use disinfectant wipes or a mixture of soap and water with a microfibre towel. Then leave the compartment open and leave the bag to air dry.

Note that most bags will be damaged if placed in a dryer for an extended period of time, so leave your bag hanging to air dry.

To reduce or remove odours, you can place a number of different items in your bag and leave them there for 2 – 3 days:

  • Tea bags
  • Dryer sheets
  • Charcoal bags 

What should be in your BJJ bag?

It’s always a good idea to be prepared when you go to jiu jitsu. Here’s what you can consider packing in your dedicated training bag:

  • Mouthguard. It’s always a good idea to pack a mouthguard in an easy-to-reach front pocket (I’ve chipped my teeth twice while training without one).
  • Water bottle. A good size water bottle (1L / 32oz or larger) is crucial to stay hydrated, especially during summer.
  • Finger tape. You never know when you’ll cut or hyperextend your fingers or toes during class, so having some finger tape on hand can get you back onto the mat worry-free.
  • Bandaids and antiseptic spray. Pack a small sandwich bag with some bandaids and antiseptic spray in case you get cut by a stray fingernail.
  • Toiletries bag with soap and deodorant. If you shower at your gym, it’s a good idea to bring a small toiletries bag with some soap. You can also bring deodorant if you train straight after work.
  • Towel and change of clothes. If you’re showering at the gym, you’ll obviously need to pack a clean towel and clean clothes.
  • Washable inner gi bag. Rather than put your dirty gi directly into your bag, you can bring a separate drawstring bag that you stuff it into first. This stops the inside of your bag from getting wet and smelling.

Should I buy a duffle or backpack?

The two most common BJJ bag styles are backpacks and duffle bags. Each style has its pros and cons. 


Many jiu jitsu and fitness brands sell backpacks with useful features like separate water resistant compartments (perfect for a dirty gi), comfortable padded straps, and multiple zipper compartments for water bottles and other gear.


  • More comfortable to carry over long distances
  • Can be worn while riding a bike or running
  • Can be used for work commutes


  • Generally smaller than most duffle bags


If you ride a bike, walk far distances with your bag or feel more comfortable carrying weight on your back rather than over a shoulder, consider a backpack.

Duffle bags

A duffle bag is a large cylindrical or rectangular bag with a zipper on the top, and usually has a shoulder strap and/or handles. Many jiu jitsu brands make duffle bags at different sizes, and some have gi compartments and multiple zipper compartments for other jiu jitsu gear.


  • Large and spacious, with multiple capacities often available
  • Can also be used for short trips
  • Often have separate compartments for wet gis


  • Not as comfortable to walk around with for extended periods of time


If you want the maximum amount of space in your bag for your gear, and you tend to drive to training or walk a short distance from your car to the gym, consider a duffle bag.

Did we miss your favourite BJJ bag? Let us know below.

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