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The Best Online Jiu Jitsu Training Course Libraries in 2023

How to find the best online jiu jitsu training program for you

There are now over 25 online jiu jitsu training libraries at the time of writing. Some of them are created by the best athletes and instructors in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Below is information on each to help you pick the right one for you, plus some quick picks if you’re looking for something specific.

Note: This list doesn’t include one-off instructional videos, dormant/discontinued libraries, or predominantly Portuguese-based video libraries. 

Quick picks for the best online jiu jitsu course libraries

Table of contents (click for more information on each library)

MG In Action

One of the most popular online BJJ training libraries is the great Marcelo Garcia’s “MG In Action” platform. 

Marcelo is consistently named one of the best grapplers of all time, and has a huge list of accomplishments including five black belt World IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championships and four golds in the ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship.

MG in action screenshot

MG In Action is a huge video library containing videos of Marcelo teaching different techniques, including all of his specialities like butterfly guard and single-leg x guard. 

The platform was designed by Marcelo’s student, chess champion and author Josh Waitzkin. It’s built to allow you to see a technique taught by Marcelo, and then be able to quickly find the same technique being used in one of Marcelo’s live rolls (and vice versa).

Another great feature of MG In Action is that it has a simple search and filter function which allows you to filter by gi and no-gi videos, positions, techniques, sparring rounds and even discussions.

  • Price:
    • $25 USD per month
    • $250 USD per year (approx. $21 USD per month)
    • $450 USD per year for the deluxe membership (includes limited Marcelo Garcia Gi and one week of training at his gym in New York City)
  • Size: Large
  • Unique factors: MG in Action includes video recordings of Marcelo sparring in his New York gym and allows you to see related videos of the techniques used in the roll

BJJ Library

BJJ Library is another popular online training platform started by brothers Saulo and Xande Ribeiro. Saulo and Xande are both black belts from Brazil with a large number of IBJJF and ADCC gold medals between them. They also run the University of Jiu Jitsu gym in San Diego, USA. 

The library itself is packed full of different technique videos and has a filter and search system to help you find what you’re looking for. There are also discussion videos from Saulo, Xande and other instructors to help with the mental side of training.

BJJ Library also has a separate white belt university which teaches all of the foundational techniques, warmups and drills newbies should know. There are also university video programs for every other belt, each focusing on a different theme, for example the black belt module focuses on submissions.

  • Price: $24.99 USD per month or $249.99 USD per year (approx $21 USD per month)
  • Size: Over 3000 hours
  • Unique factors: Unique video programs for every belt level plus a specific white belt course

RogerGracie TV

Roger Gracie carries a reputation for jiu jitsu excellence surpassed by very few. In addition to his Gracie lineage, he’s a decorated fighter with a large number of World IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championships, ADCC gold medals and professional MMA victories to his name.

His online training platform RogerGracie TV includes not only technique videos from Roger himself, but also sparring videos. 

Roger’s father Mauricio Gomes is also legendary in the sport, and he has a number of videos on the platform dedicated to self defence. 

  • Price:
    • $19.99 USD per month or $189.99 USD per year ($15.83 USD per month)
  • Size: 1000+ videos
  • Unique factors: Sparring videos of both Roger and Mauricio, “old school” and self defence videos taught by Roger’s father Mauricio Gomes


The AOJ+ (Art of Jiu Jitsu) is a training library created by world champion brothers Rafael and Gui Mendes. The Mendes brothers are world famous black belts with 10 World IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championships shared between them. They’re also excellent teachers, especially when it comes to specialties like guard passing.

Their online library includes both gi and no gi instructional videos from a range of positions, as well as:

  • Overview videos of specific positions
  • Sparring videos
  • Q&A sessions

In addition to the Mendes brothers other accomplished instructors on Art of Jiu Jitsu Online include Nick Bohli and Johnatha Alves.

Price: $24.99 USD per month or $249.96 USD per year ($20.83 USD per month)

Caio Terra Online

Caio Terra is a world champion jiu jitsu competitor with 10 World No-Gi IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championships and 2 World IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championships in the gi. Because of this success he’s known as one of the most successful rooster weight fighters to compete in the open weight division.

In addition, Caio enjoys extra fame and respect in the BJJ world due to receiving his black belt in a record three years!

Caio Terrao Online Screenshot

His online library contains videos on both gi and no gi techniques, drills and workouts, insights into Caio’s matches and also overall lesson plans covering specific positions. Some of the no gi content in the library is also taught by fellow world champion Yuri Simoes.

  • Price:
    • $25 USD per month
    • $250 USD per year (approx $21 USD per month) for Silver membership
    • $400 USD per year (approx $33 USD per month) for Gold membership (includes Caio Terra gi)
  • Size: 1700+ videos
  • Unique factors: Gold membership comes with free gi, some no gi content taught by Yuri Simoes

Defensive BJJ

As the name suggests, Defensive BJJ is a course and training library devoted to increasing your defensive skills. It’s taught by Priit Mihkelson, a 3rd degree black belt from Estonia and a well known instructor synonymous with defence.

The library is well structured and has clear instructions for new members starting out, or you can just jump into the training library. The library includes videos on all of the key topics of Priit’s approach to defensive BJJ including specific positions like:

  • Turtle
  • Panda
  • Running man
  • Hawking
  • Grilled chicken guard

One of the most unique aspects of this training library is that you can upload videos of yourself rolling or completing the various homework assignments and then get advice from Priit himself about how to improve.


  • $1 USD 1 week trial
  • $14.99/ USD per month or $149 USD per year

Estima In Action

Similar to Marcelo Garcia’s MG In Action platform, Estima In Action is the online training library of the legendary Braulio Estima.

Braulio is an extremely talented jiu jitsu competitor with numerous IBJJF and UAEJJF world championships and a 2009 ADCC win.

As mentioned, because Estima In Action is built using the same platform to MG in Action, you can filter the library down to specific positions, gi and no gi videos, and also videos of Braulio sparring.


$25 USD per month or $250 USD per year (approx. $21 per month)

The Grapplers Guide

The Grapplers Guide is one of the oldest and most popular programs on this list and was started by Jason Scully in 2007. At the time of writing Jason is a 2nd degree black belt and he also has a popular YouTube channel covering BJJ topics

The library is comprehensive and covers basically all of the relevant topics and positions in BJJ. You can read our full review to find out more about what’s included and what we thought about it. There are programs on foundational positions and techniques like open and closed guard passing, triangles, omoplatas and leg locks. There are also video programs about more niche topics like grappling dummies, self defence, partner drills and wristlocks.

There are also great guest instructors such as Craig Jones, Lachlan Giles, Vladislav Koulikov, Mikey Musumeci and more.

Grapplers Guide screenshot

The platform has a number of unique features not found in other programs, like the video flow chart tool. This allows you to create flow charts of videos to help you organise your favourite videos in a logical order. 

There’s also a Facebook group for members with over 15,000 participants, and the platform has a one-off lifetime fee which makes it quite cost-effective compared to other platforms.

  • Price:
    • $297 USD lifetime
    • $330 USD lifetime (split into 6 monthly $55 payments)
  • Size: 6000+ videos
  • Unique factors: Video flow chart tool, Facebook group, lifetime membership fee, videos are downloadable.


SUBMETA is an online platform created and run by Lachlan Giles, an Australian grappler who has a successful competition career in IBJJF and ADCC championships. Giles is also an excellent teacher and runs a great YouTube channel full of instructional content.

His platform SUBMETA is focused on an innovative approach to teaching jiu jitsu, and is split into:

  • Videos. Single topics including individual techniques, discussions, rolls and match breakdowns.
  • Courses. Instructional video courses broken up by experience level, category and subject and split into digestible modules.

SUBMETA is unique in that the courses are designed to help students actually retain the information they learn via exercises at the end of each module. In these exercises students have to answer multiple choice questions about the videos they’ve just watched, and there’s even a link to the specific part in the video if you get the answer wrong. 

The courses themselves reflect Giles’ thoughts on how students should approach learning BJJ. The six beginners courses for example are focused on the foundations of BJJ and cover topics like escapes, passing, guard and takedowns.

  • Price: USD $239.40 per year (USD $19.95 per month) or USD $25 per month
  • Size: 90+ courses and 2740+ videos
  • Unique factors: Courses have exercises to increase retention, platform is focused on innovative learning strategies

ATOS BJJ On Demand

The ATOS jiu jitsu academy in San Diego, California, has created many champions over the year, not even including its legendary founder André Galvão.

ATOS Atos BJJ On Demand is a library full of videos from André Galvão and other ATOS instructors including rising stars like Kaynan Duarte. Videos cover the full range of jiu jitsu topics including the major positions, drills, sparring breakdowns, and pro tip videos from André himself.

There are also a small number of female specific videos taught by André’s wife Angelica, an accomplished black belt competitor and instructor.

The library itself is easy to use and includes filters to allow you to drill down into specific positions and gi or no gi videos.

  • Price:
    • $24.95 USD per month
    • $249.95 USD for 12 months (approx $21 USD per month)
  • Size: 6000+ videos
  • Unique factors: 7-day free trial, women’s-only videos

Cobrinha Online

Rubens Charles Marciel AKA Cobrinha is a jiu jitsu great with a large number of gi and no gi world championship wins, three ADCC wins, and an academy in Los Angeles.

His online training academy includes a large number of videos covering gi and no gi from different positions. There’s also a detailed filtering and search system so you can watch the videos you want to watch.

In addition to technique videos there are also a number of drill videos to help you perfect certain sequences or techniques.

  • Price: $25 USD per month or $239.99 USD per year (approx $20 USD per month)
  • Unique factors: Capoeira conditioning videos, self defence videos

Gracie University

The Gracie family has a major role in starting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in its modern form. As a result the Gracie University is a very comprehensive and diverse online platform. 

When the Gracies originally started teaching BJJ, self defence was one of the primary aims, and Gracie University embodies this. It includes self defence programs aimed at kids, women and law enforcement offers.

There are also more traditional jiu jitsu instructional programs including Gracie Combatives, which is a program containing 36 core jiu jitsu techniques, and Master Cycle, a program of advanced techniques for blue belts and above.

The Gracie University is different to most of the other platforms on this list in that each program can be bought individually, or you can pay for a subscription to unlock various programs. 

Another unique aspect of Gracie University is the ability to be tested on your knowledge of the online lessons by submitting video footage of yourself. It’s then watched and you’re given feedback by a senior instructor.

  • Price:
    • Prices vary. For example, $189 for the Gracie Combatives program and $600 for the blue belt 1 stripe course. 
  • Unique factors: 5-day free trial, self defence programs, kids programs, law enforcement program, some free lessons, online grading

Hidden Jiu Jitsu

Henry Akins is a black belt under jiu jitsu legend Rickson Gracie. He’s also the founder of Hidden Jiu Jitsu, which he explains as being the jiu jitsu taught to him by Rickson.

Hidden Jiu Jitsu is set out in a more sales-oriented way than the other libraries on this list. Some video programs can be bought with one-off payments and other video programs require a subscription.

Hidden Jiu Jitsu screenshot

There are a number of different programs which you can buy with one-off payments, including:

  • Open guard defence
  • Closed guard attacks
  • Inside closed guard 
  • Mount attacks
  • Turtle

Some of the Hidden Jiu Jitsu courses can be quite large. The fundamentals course from white belt to blue belt for example has over 300 videos.

Then there’s Hidden Jiu-Jitsu Mastery which gives you access to recordings of Henry’s monthly seminars plus Q&A sessions, and access to the private online Hidden Jiu Jitsu group. This is also a monthly or annual subscription.

Finally, there are also other seminar recordings from Henry’s BJJ camps around the world which you can buy for a one-off fee.

  • Price:
    • One-off payment video courses. From $179 USD for the solo drills course all the way up to $999 USD for the white belt to blue belt curriculum.
    • Subscriptions. $97.99 USD per month or $879.99 USD per year (approx $74.8 USD per month) for the Hidden Jiu-Jitsu Mastery seminars.
  • Unique factors: Vale tudo videos, Rickson Gracie Black Belt instructor


Jiu-Jitsupedia is the brainchild of Sean Apperson from Paragon Jiu Jitsu in California. It’s a medium-sized library with instructional videos taught by Sean, Paragon Jiu Jitsu founder Ricardo “Franjinha” Miller, rising star Nicholas Meregali, Olympic wrestler Stephen Abas and more.

The great thing about Jiu-Jitsupedia is that there’s an emphasis not only on traditional BJJ techniques and positions, but also a large number of wrestling, judo and self defence videos too. 

jiu jitsupedia

The wrestling and judo videos are taught by world-class wrestling and judo coaches and athletes. Some examples include the aforementioned Olympic wrestler Stephen Abas, Olympic Judo silver medallist Travis Stevens and Olympic Greco-Roman wrestling coach and athlete Matt Lindland.

There are also four beginner jiu jitsu courses covering survival, passing, the guard and takedowns respectively.

  • Price: $15 USD per month or $150 USD per year ($12.50 USD per year)
  • Unique factor: World class wrestling and judo instructors, beginner courses

Gold BJJ

Gold BJJ was a smaller training library with well structured video courses on specific topics and techniques like the Peruvian necktie, single leg X guard fundamentals and escaping side control.

Each course was broken down into smaller chunks to allow easier learning, and the video and instruction quality is excellent.

Recently Gold BJJ decided to close its training library and move all videos to its YouTube channel, which can be accessed for free.

Many of the courses are taught by black belt Rory van Vliet, but there are also courses from black belts like Dean Lister, Donnie Baltazar, Volf Kozlowski. There are also interesting courses like game theory for BJJ which explain a unique element of preparing for a BJJ competition.

Gold BJJ also offers free access to its leg locks course taught by none other than leglock expert Dean Lister.

  • Size: Small
  • Unique factors: Free leg lock course by Dean Lister, game theory for BJJ course

Renzo Gracie Online Academy

Renzo Gracie is one of the most well known names in jiu jitsu, with a famous gym in New York where the much respected John Danaher teaches. 

The Renzo Gracie Online Academy is a relatively new library comprised of various programs. Some are recordings of seminars and others are regular style instructionals. Instructors include Renzo himself and also other Gracie family members and affiliated instructors.

Some example programs include:

  • Closed guard fundamentals with Rolles Gracie
  • Roger Gracie’s seminar on the closed guard
  • Matt Serra and Renzo Gracie teaching fundamentals
  • Powerful submissions by Renzo Gracie

The library isn’t large, but the videos are high quality and the content includes fundamentals everyone should know. Some of the programs in this platform are also recorded in Portuguese.

  • Price: $14.99 USD per month or $149.99 USD per year ($12.5 USD per month)
  • Unique factor: Free account available, Some Portuguese videos, many Gracie instructors

Ash Williams Online

Ash Williams Online is an elite BJJ and MMA athlete from the UK with three Polaris wins under his belt. His training library at the time of writing has six courses with multiple videos within each course, covering the following topics:

  • Wrestling for BJJ
  • Pressure passing concepts
  • Passing using submissions
  • Passing 101
  • Mindset and learning
  • Passing established guards

The videos themselves are high quality and Ash clearly explains each concept.

There’s also a free option which gives you access to a number of videos in each course, so you can try it out before you pay for it.


  • Free account available with limited access
  • £9.99 per month or £99.99 per year

Roy Dean TV

Roy Dean is a black belt under Roy Harris and a lifelong martial artist, with blackbelts in judo and aikido. He’s also the author of two books about jiu jitsu.

Roy Dean TV has a range of different video styles. These include traditional technique instructionals, concept videos focusing on a certain technique e.g the kimura, seminars and cross discipline videos.

It’s not a large library, but if you’re after technique videos there are still a number of categories including guard passing, top game, bottom game and more. 

Then there’s Roy’s belt requirement series. Roy has built a series of videos for each belt which cover positions, sequences and techniques.

Roy gives many seminars each year and a number of them are recorded and posted on the platform. These cover topics as diverse as double leg takedowns and wristlocks. 

The library also contains seminars from guest instructors. Example topics include Judo and even firearms training and instructors include Dave Camarillo and Roy Harris.

Roy Dean TV also has some shorter clips about a single theme or position related to BJJ, and also general travel clips. These videos tend to be more artistic or philosophical than regular instructional libraries and are more edited.

  • Price: $19.95 USD per month or $189.95 USD per year (approx $16 USD per month)
  • Unique factor: 3-day free trial, alternative content including firearms and aikido videos, comprehensive belt courses / Rob Biernacki Online Academy

As the name suggests, BJJConcepts focuses more on the ideas and principles behind jiu jitsu rather than being a library of techniques. It’s taught by Rob Biernacki, the head instructor of Island Top Team in Canada. 

Biernacki is also known for his popular Grapplearts instructionals with Stephan Kesting including The BJJ Formula and The Modern Leglock Formula. 

BJJConcepts is split into four courses:

  • Core concepts – Rob is well known for his thinking about the core concepts in jiu jitsu, and this course is made up of over 20 concepts.
  • BJJ 101 – This is a fundamentals course which introduces you to the positions in jiu jitsu and how to move in and out of them.
  • BJJ 201 – This course includes advanced submissions and takedowns.
  • BJJ 301 – This is an advanced course accessible to instructor members, which gives lessons on how to combine lessons from the 101 and 201 courses.
  • Fuck your jiu jitsu (FYJJ) – A situational rolling system to help you improve your jiu jitsu.
BJJ Concepts screenshot

BJJConcepts also has a pedagogy component focused on teaching BJJ which helps instructors to improve in key areas like:

  • Communication
  • Lesson plans
  • Program development
  • Competition coaching
  • Teaching private classes
  • Price:
    • $20 USD per month / $200 USD per year (approx $17 USD per month)
    • $30 USD per month / $300 USD per year for additional instructor videos ($25 USD per month)
  • Unique factor: BJJ core concepts course, pedagogy course for instructors and FYJJ drilling and situational rolling videos 

Mastering the System by 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu

Eddie Bravo is one of jiu jitsu’s biggest modern innovators, and his Mastering the System subscription is no different.

Mastering the System videos are almost like jiu jitsu variety shows, with a mixture of drills and techniques from Eddie himself, updates on 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu news and competitors, and even some conspiracy talk from Eddie thrown in for good measure.

Master the System screenshot

The videos are length at 1hour+ each, and usually focus around a particular technique or drill with the aforementioned other elements added around it. For the price it’s a great way to learn more about Eddie’s unique approach to jiu jitsu. 

  • Price: $5.99 USD per month (approx $72 USD per year)
  • Unique factor: Rubber guard content, Eddie Bravo’s unique musings / conspiracy theories

Rickson Academy

Rickson Academy is the online training library of the legendary Rickson Gracie. At the time of writing this update in early 2023 it’s still relatively new but has over 460 videos, with new videos being added regularly.

Rickson Academy offers a number of courses, including the Self Defense Unit, which has a number of different defences for different situations e.g headlocks, bearhugs and pushes, and videos on some fundamental submissions, escapes and sweeps.

There are also separate courses on other topics including breathing, base and connection. 

The training platform also offers live ask me anything (AMA) sessions and classes with Rickson, plus videos on miscellaneous topics like philosophy and videos of Rickson’s past fights and history.

  • Price: $199.99 per year
  • Size: 460+ videos
  • Unique factors: One of the only places to watch multiple instructional videos taught by the legendary Rickson Gracie including his famous breathing techniques

Royler Gracie: Jiu-Jitsu as Self-defense

The Royler Gracie course library aims to teach jiu jitsu as Helio Gracie taught it. This library is unique because it’s not only aimed at BJJ practitioners but instructors too. The video library comprises 50 lessons and 160 jiu jitsu techniques, and has 7 hours of content in total. 

As the name suggests, the lessons are focused on self defense techniques, including defenses against headlocks, chokes, weapons and strikes. There are of course also videos covering fundamental jiu jitsu techniques too like the triangle, armlock and ankle locks.

  • Price:
    • $829 for lifetime access
  • Size: Medium
  • Unique factors: Videos are from Royler Gracie, a BJJ pioneer and multiple time world champion

Other online jiu jitsu platforms to check out

I didn’t include the below platforms in the main list due to various factors. For example some weren’t regularly updated at the time of writing, some had mostly Portuguese videos or the library was too small. Here are some you may still want to check out:

Did I miss any? Let me know if you have a good suggestion to add below!

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  1. Thanks for the great compilation of information. It is super helpful. I was hoping to find your take on content that works best for kids. Prior to our move, we had been training but with the chaos of moving and now COVID, it has been impossible to find a good fit. Not to mention things have all gone virtual. Finding an online class to get my son(s) back into training would be amazing and I am sure more parents would find your site helpful if you addressed the sites that were “best for kids”. It may not be your schtick but could be something to consider as these young ones will be the up and coming guys/gals in training.

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