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BJJ Gi Brands A-Z List [2023]

A comprehensive list of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi brands

Below is a list of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi brands currently operating at the time of writing in 2023. Let us know if we missed a brand in the comments box at the bottom of this page!

29 NikuVisit website
93 Brand Jiu JitsuVisit website
AestheticVisit website
Albino & PretoVisit website
ALMAVisit website
Armor KimonosVisit website
ARAKU SportsVisit website
Asgard503Visit website
AtamaVisit website
Athletes on the matVisit website
AtlasVisit website
Bad BoyVisit website
Battle GearVisit website
BCKimonosVisit website
BJJ GlobetrottersVisit website
BJJ ReligionVisit website
BŌA FightwearVisit website
Booster Fight GearVisit website
BrausVisit website
BravoVisit website
Brazil CombatVisit website
Break New GroundVisit website
Break Point FCVisit website
BruiserVisit website
Bull TerrierVisit website
CascagrossaVisit website
CenturyVisit website
Choke & ChillVisit website
ConcaVisit website
CRNRVisit website
CTRL IndustriesVisit website
Da Firma Kimono CompanyVisit website
DatsusaraVisit website
Day By DayVisit website
Dojo ChimpVisit website
Dokebi Combat OutfittersVisit website
Dragao KimonosVisit website
Drako Impact SportsVisit website
É Nóis ClothingVisit website
Elite SportsVisit website
EssimoVisit website
Faixa PretaVisit website
Fenom KimonosVisit website
Fire Team FitVisit website
FlowVisit website
FlowholdVisit website
FortitudeVisit website
FutureVisit website
FujiVisit website
FumetsuVisit website
FushidaVisit website
Fusion Fight GearVisit website
GamenessVisit website
GimonoVisit website
Gold BJJVisit website
Gorilla GearVisit website
Gr1psVisit website
Grab and PullVisit website
Gracie StoreVisit website
Ground FighterVisit website
Ground ForceVisit website
Ground GameVisit website
Habrok SportsVisit website
Half SumoVisit website
HaradaVisit website
HayabusaVisit website
Hitman International SportsVisit website
HooksVisit website
HyperflyVisit website
Humble FightwearVisit website
Hunter Fight WearVisit website
Inverted GearVisit website
IsamiVisit website
JitsugiVisit website
Jiu Jitsu BrotherhoodVisit website
Jiu Jitsu ProgearVisit website
JiujiteiroVisit website
JotunnVisit website
JreamVisit website
Ju-sportsVisit website
Ka’yo KimonosVisit website
Kamui KimonosVisit website
Kano KimonosVisit website
Kauai KimonosVisit website
Keiko SportsVisit website
Killer BeeVisit website
Kingz KimonosVisit website
KitsuneVisit website
KoralVisit website
KrugansVisit website
KVRAVisit website
KWONVisit website
LabyrinthVisit website
Lanky Fight GearVisit website
MA1Visit website
MaedaVisit website
Macaco BrancoVisit website
MantoVisit website
MatlifeVisit website
Maximus KimonosVisit website
MeerkatsuVisit website
MexMobVisit website
Modern Flow BrandVisit website
MoskovaVisit website
Moya Brand CoVisit website
Muae Wear / Vital KimonosVisit website
My Lucky GiVisit website
N & C (Noughts and Crosses)Visit website
NewazaVisit website
Nine Lives Jiu JitsuVisit website
ONDAVisit website
OrienVisit website
OriginVisit website
OSS ClothingVisit website
OuanoVisit website
Platinum Jiu JitsuVisit website
POSSVisit website
ProforceVisit website
Progress Jiu JitsuVisit website
Rainha FightwearVisit website
Raven FightwearVisit website
Red JourneyVisit website
Red StarVisit website
RevgearVisit website
Rios GearVisit website
Roll SupremeVisit website
RolljunkieVisit website
Ronin BrandVisit website
Sanabul SportsVisit website
ScrambleVisit website
Senki KimonosVisit website
Sensō Jiu JitsuVisit website
ShoyorollVisit website
Spartan CombatVisit website
Standard Kimono CompanyVisit website
Storm KimonosVisit website
Sub ApparelVisit website
Submission SniperVisit website
Supernatural Survival GearVisit website
Tatami FightwearVisit website
ThegisVisit website
TorahVisit website
TorakiVisit website
Toro BJJVisit website
Tricks and TrapsVisit website
Unlimited FightwearVisit website
Valor FightwearVisit website
Vandal KimonosVisit website
VanguardVisit website
VenumVisit website
VHTSVisit website
Viking Gear MMAVisit website
Vital Kimonos BrasilVisit website
Vulkan Fight CompanyVisit website
War Tribe GearVisit website
We Defy FoundationVisit website
Wolfhound FightgearVisit website
X-Guard BrandVisit website
XanaduVisit website

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88 thoughts on “BJJ Gi Brands A-Z List [2023]”

  1. A shout out to ARAKU SPORTS needed as well. Australian Brand.
    Premium Personalised and customised gis.
    Competitive prices and awesome fit.

    i ordered their custom designed Gi.

    • Hi Logun, thanks for the suggestion. The list on this page is solely for companies that sell gis, but we’ll leave the link here in the comments section for those who are interested.

  2. First off Marc, FANTASTIC job on the content of your site!! Secondly, keep up the GREAT work on updating this list as often as you do. This is the ONLY list I have found on the internet with all the brands you and your supporters have created. That being said, I found another one just today that you can add to your ever growing list: Kamui Kimonos.
    Keep up the great work!! Oss


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