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The Best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Magazines (and Online Alternatives)

Where to get your fix of BJJ news, tips and techniques in 2021

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu print magazines have largely gone the way of the dinosaur. While there are some which have survived by moving online, others have pivoted into alternative ventures such as lifestyle brands. Luckily, even without many BJJ magazines left, there’s plenty of places to get the latest news and feature articles.

Below are some of the last remaining magazines for both jiu jitsu and general martial arts, followed by alternative BJJ blogs to keep updated and help you learn more about your favourite martial art. We’ve also included some of the defunct BJJ magazines you might have seen in the past if you’d like to take a trip down memory lane.

To summarise, there are two specific BJJ-focused magazines which still regularly publish content at the time of writing: Graciemag and Jiujitsu Magazine (JJM). There are also a large number of blogs that regularly post news, techniques and more.

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Active Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and martial arts magazines

At the time of writing there are two active magazines, but these are mostly now online. 


Graciemag began in 1994, and in its current online form focuses on competition news, interviews with rising and elite athletes and more. There are also plenty of articles covering techniques, diet and workouts relating to BJJ.

Graciemag also has a YouTube channel devoted mostly to Portuguese language BJJ videos, including techniques and interviews. Its associated Gallerr channel has lots of English videos on a range of topics.

Jiujitsu Magazine

Jiujitsu Magazine was previously a print magazine which published a huge range of BJJ content, ranging from nutrition and longevity issues in BJJ, to interviews and techniques from elite athletes.

Jiujitsu Magazine or JJM now publishes a high volume of content online each month. It’s mostly focused on competition coverage and news, but also has some features and interviews with athletes and experts. The features are wide-ranging and cover diverse topics within jiu jitsu such as the growth of jiu jitsu in India and how jiu jitsu can help with depression.

JJM also has an active YouTube channel with technique videos from greats such as Anderson Silva and Gordon Ryan.

Black Belt Magazine

Black Belt Magazine has a long history since being first published in 1961. It focuses more on traditional martial arts like karate and judo, and features interviews with well known masters and famous martial arts movie stars.

There’s occasional BJJ content and interviews with those who were involved with the art in the early days, like interviews with elite Judo competitor Hayward Nishioka about his sparring session with Rickson Gracie

BJJ print magazine alternatives

Online BJJ blogs and magazines may have contributed to the downfall of print BJJ magazines, but they’re a great alternative if you’re looking for BJJ news and content. Here are some of our favourite BJJ blogs, YouTube channels and websites:

BJJ news websites and blogs

  • Eastern Europe BJJ. Eastern Europe BJJ is one of the most popular and active BJJ websites. It has plenty of information and interviews with elite BJJ athletes, competition news, techniques, and articles on basically every aspect of BJJ.
  • BJJ-World. BJJ World is another popular blog which regularly publishes content covering BJJ competition news, techniques and drilling and more. BJJ World also publishes gear and instructional reviews.
  • Grappling Insider. Grappling Insider is mostly devoted to BJJ competition news as well as other general news from the sport such as big name promotions, and some MMA news. 

BJJ technique videos websites and channels

  • Chewjitsu. Chewjitsu isn’t strictly a BJJ blog or magazine, but is a great video resource for those looking for mindset and technique-related BJJ content. It’s hosted by Nick “Chewy” Albin, a black belt who teaches BJJ in Kentucky. The channel has content covering many topics in jiu jitsu including techniques, moving to a new gym, training tips, strength in BJJ and much more. 
  • BJJ Fanatics. One of the most popular features of BJJ print magazines were the DVDs that used to come with them packed with instructional techniques. BJJ Fanatics is the modern way to get high quality instructional content from the best athletes and teachers in the art.
  • Grapplearts & Stephen Kesting. Stephen Kesting is a black belt who runs the Grapplearts brand of instructionals and content. His BJJ Roadmap ebook and app was one of the most useful pieces of information I saw when first starting BJJ. His YouTube channel mostly covers BJJ techniques, and he also has a podcast called The Strenuous Life which covers BJJ and other difficult but rewarding pursuits.
  • Online training libraries. Many elite BJJ athletes and teachers now have their own training platforms which you can subscribe to. We’ve written a comprehensive guide to online BJJ training platforms to help you pick the best for you.

Defunct BJJ magazines

These old BJJ print magazines are no longer being published and have either stopped activities altogether or have now pivoted into alternative businesses.


Jits. was a print magazine with 25 issues under its belt before it pivoted into a BJJ gear store. Previous issues can still be bought on its website, and issues usually featured interviews with well known BJJ practitioners like chef Alex Atala and comedian Russell Peters, as well as world-class BJJ athletes like Garry Tonon and Leandro Lo. 

Jits. now sells a mixture of gis, no gi clothing, artwork and even grip trainers and phone cases.

Jiu Jitsu Style

Jiu Jitsu Style was a popular European-based magazine covering all topics relating to BJJ including plenty of athlete and expert interviews and content about nutrition, injuries, positions, techniques and more. The magazine also featured the legendary Roger Gracie as a consultant editor.

The magazine is no longer in print as explained by editor Callum Medcraft, although it’s still active at the time of writing as a lifestyle brand and store. 

BJJ Spirits and Submission Spirits

BJJ Spirits and Submission Spirits were two Japanese magazines focusing on BJJ. They were popular because of the attached DVDs featuring techniques, interviews and more. 

BJJ Legends

BJJ Legends was a popular magazine which started in 2009 and featured interviews with big names in the BJJ community such as Royce Gracie. It also included a DVD with techniques, interviews and fights. It now exists as a website which unfortunately hasn’t had anything published on it since early 2019.

It also has a YouTube channel with lots of rare older content featuring greats like Rickson Gracie, Marcelo Garcia and more.

Did we miss any good BJJ magazines? Do you have any fond memories of BJJ print magazines you’d like to share? Let us know below.

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